What can it help?

Solution focused clinical hypnotherapy can help in many areas and the goals of therapy are always unique to each client.

Examples of the areas that hypnotherapy can help with include:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • Relieving the physiological symptoms of stress, for example IBS
  • Improving confidence
  • Overcoming sleep problems
  • Addressing fears and phobias
  • Taking control of habits and obsessive behaviours
  • Managing pain and its psychological impact
  • Stopping smoking
  • Developing healthier relationships with food and eating
  • Supporting fertility, pregnancy and childbirth

If you, or someone you know, would like help with something described here (or to find out if hypnotherapy can help with something that is not listed) feel free to give me a ring or drop me an email,  I am very happy to have an informal chat and answer any questions.  Confidentiality is assured.

I offer an initial consultation, lasting around 1.5 hours, which allows you to find out more about the solution focused hypnotherapy approach. The session provides insight into why we sometimes (or perhaps often) feel or behave the way that we do and also allows you to decide if I am the right hypnotherapist for you to work with. A free relaxation cd/ mp3 download is provided as part of the initial consultation. The initial consultation is an important part of the way that I work, laying the first building blocks for future sessions – it is also of great value as a single session.