What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Solution focused hypnotherapy: how can it help you? Solution focused hypnotherapy is a form of clinical hypnotherapy. It is a positive, forward-looking combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, rooted in an understanding of how the brain works, from emotional and current neuroscience perspectives. Whilst the past is acknowledged and respected, the therapy focuses on where you are now, how you would like to feel and what you would like to achieve, helping you to identify manageable steps towards your goals in a calm, positive and supportive environment.

Hypnosis is used to create a pleasant state of relaxation which is achievable by almost everyone. This helps to allow goals and intentions, new possibilities, to be taken on board by the sub-conscious mind. Relaxing and focusing in this way can also give you mental and emotional ‘time out’, which can help you to gain useful new perspectives and insight. These processes help changes to be made at a sub-conscious level, where unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour are usually stored.

Your goal may be general, for example overcoming feelings of anxiety and lack of confidence; it may be very specific, such as improving your sleep, overcoming a fear of flying or feeling relaxed and positive during pregnancy and childbirth; your goal may be simply not to feel the way you do right now – to feel like you again. Solution focused hypnotherapy is incredibly flexible and tailored to each individual, to you.

Clients who get the very most from their sessions truly commit themselves to the process and focus on making the changes that they identify, which may include lifestyle changes. Full participation is needed because hypnotherapy is not something that is ‘done’ to you, it is a collaboration between therapist and client.

An integral part of the therapy is regular use of a recorded relaxation track between sessions, which I provide as part of the initial consultation.